Standard OEM Sail Features


High quality affordable sails for boats of up to around 28 feet. Good sails utilizing Challenge Sailcloth.  A Great option for dinghies, open keelboats, family cruisers and other production boats. Upgrade your boat with Rolly Tasker Standard/OEM Sails, which have proven to be extremely popular with many production yacht ranges. Made from quality woven, white or colored Dacron sailcloth these sails are easy to handle and long lasting for leisurely cruising and occasional club racing.

  • Individual Sail design

  • Crusing dacron, crosscut

  • Seams, one row three step stitch with UV stabilised thread

  • Pressed grommets or rings

  • Radial patches

  • Slip in batten pockets

  • Mainsails feature a nylon glass reinforced headboard

  • Luff hardware is shackled on

  • Leech line with clam cleat

  • Full rows of tell-tales

  • Sail bag and sail tie