Sail Cloth Matters

When buying a new sail, you are buying three things.  Sail design, the cloth the sail is made from and the quality and workmanship in the product. Rolly Tasker Sails is one of the world’s leading sailmakers for Offshore Cruising Sails as well as smaller cruisers and club racers. Each sail, whether for cruising or racing purposes, will be individually designed by our experienced designer in our state of the art sail loft in Phuket, Thailand. They are constructed to the highest level of durability and performance.

Rolly Tasker prides itself on all three areas but today, we want to talk about sail cloth. Throughout the world, there are several cloth manufacturers but three have risen to be the leaders in quality sail cloth.  Challenge Sailcloth is the leader in both Dacron Sailcloth and Nylon for spinnakers.  Contender is a leader in cruising laminates and Dimension Polyant is a leader in cruising and racing laminate sail cloth. 

With over 40 cloth styles and weights from these premium suppliers, it is important to have a loft that carries the right options for your boat and has the experience to match the right cloth to your sail.  Rolly Tasker Sails operates from the world’s largest, purpose-built sail lofts in the world, exporting to all “corners” of the globe wherever boats and yachts are being sailed. They have built over 2.2 million sails. The largest loft translates into the largest inventory of sail cloth in the world which allows us to match the perfect cloth to your sailing needs. 

Rolly Tasker only buys first quality cloth from these industry leading manufacturers.  Other online Lofts will not specify their cloth and instead use a generic level 1, 2 or 3.  These lofts are sourcing from multiple suppliers based on price.  While they may use quality cloth on your sail, they may source an inferior cloth or seconds.  With the cost of sails, you deserve to know that you are getting first quality cloth from a reputable manufacturer.

Rolly Tasker North American and the Sail Warehouse keep over a 1,000 sails and sail covers in stock.  For most boats we carry both the OEM/Standard level of sails using Challenge Sail Cloth Dacron or our upgraded Coastal range using Challenge Sail Cloth high performance Dacron.  If you want to move up to our offshore level of sail or cruising and race laminates, we can custom build these sails just for you. 

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Sail Cloth Matters
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