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Our Story

In 2013, we sold sails like most sail lofts and distributors, by having you fill out a measurement form, ordering the sail from our Sail Loft and waiting 5-6 weeks until the sails were completed and ready to ship to you.

Our aha moment came when a customer asked, why do you need me to measure my Catalina sails, I am sure you have sold hundreds of sail for this boat. He also wanted to know why his sails cost so much more in the summer than the winter. Like most sail lofts, we discounted our sails 30%-40% in the off-season.

In 2014, we decide to buy sails for the most popular boats in the off-season and sell them at every day low prices. Our everyday low prices typically are equal or better than the other guys winter sale prices, and we are typically 30%-40% less in the summer.

We have built a database of sails for over 70 of the most popular boats 30 feet and under. We keep over 1,000 sails and canvas items like mainsail covers in stock and ready to ship. This model means lower prices for you and we can typically deliver a sail for your boat before the next weekends sail.

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