As Easy As 1,2,3

1: Select the Level of Sail

Rolly Tasker makes Dacron Sails In three quality levels.  The difference in levels is in the cloth utilized for the sail, the stitching, the reinforcements in high stress areas and the details of the sail.


Easy, affordable and best quality for boats of up to around 28 feet. Good sails utilizing Challenge Sailcloth.  A Great option for dinghies, open keelboats, family cruisers and other production boats. Upgrade your boat with Rolly Tasker Standard/OEM Sails, which have proven to be extremely popular with many production yacht ranges. Made from quality woven, white or colored Dacron sailcloth these sails are easy to handle and long lasting for leisurely cruising and occasional club racing.

Coastal Level Sails

Rolly Tasker Coastal Sails are designed for recreational cruisers and club racers who look for a combination of durability and performance for boats up to 36ft. The sails are built in crosscut design in a strong construction finish.  These sails use a High Modulus Challenge Sailcloth Dacron fabrics such as Newport to ensure durability and shape holding.  These sails have larger radial patches, double row of stitching, draft stripes and reinforced batten pockets.

Offshore Level Sails

Our Offshore sails are manufactured to our highest construction and finish specification to guarantee trouble free long life and performance. They are extremely strong and low in stretch due to choosing the highest quality dacron available from the world’s leading cloth manufacturers. We recommend this range for boats above 37ft, sailing both coastal, blue water and ocean passage making.  Made from premium Dacron such as Marblehead or Fastnet from Challenge Sail Cloth.  The construction includes webbed on hardware, two draft stripes, stainless steel rings reinforced with webbing and leather chafe guards, extra large or double tapes with 2 or 3 rows of stitching, heaving duty batten pockets and 2 draft stripes.

See Comparison Chart

Other Options

If you are interested in our race laminates or cruising laminates, please contact us by phone or email or complete a custom quote form.

2: Choose Your Options

Our in-stock and special order sails have many of the most common options sailors want.

Mainsails Options:

  • Number of reefs including 0, 1 or 2 reef points, 
  • Battens including standard battens, full battens, or Power Head battens which include full upper battens with partial lower battens.
  • Sail Numbers, and Insignias
  • Cunninghams

Headsail Options:

  • UV Cover (select colors)
  • Foam Luff - add foam to the luff to provide a better shape when the sail is partially furled

Storm Sail Options:

  • Available in White with Orange Visibility Dot or in All Orange to comply with race standards
  • Available with either hank on luffs, or luff tape with O.R.C. grommets 
  • We also have several sizes of Gale Sails which go on over your furled headsail.

Other options are also available when ordering custom sails including other cloth options, sail colors, tri-radial designs and more.  Request a quote for more.

3: Check Your Measurements and Availability

We try to make it easy by allowing you to search sails by your boat type.  But even if you find a sail indicated for your boat, please measure the boat or your old sail prior to placing the order.  Many older boats came in various iterations and in some cases the rig dimensions changed with each iteration. With older boats, the rigs may have been upgraded or changed.  So prior to ordering measure you boat to make sure the standard sails will fit.  This will not only get you on the water faster, but save you a restocking fee.  Here is a guide on measuring sails.

Once you have confirmed the measurements, check availability.  For our headsails we stock:

  • #1 Genoas which are usually 145%-155% boat indicated,
  • #2 Genoas which are typically between 130% -140% and
  • Jibs which are typically between 95%-110%  

To determine the size for your boat, divide the LP listed in the Specification by your J.  For example if you own a Catalina 27 with a J of 11.25 ft and select a CH34.50L headsail which has an LP of 16.9 ft, this would be a 150% (16.9/11.25)=150%.  

We carry over 1,000 sails and canvas items.  We typically stock more than one option for the most popular boats in the North America.  If we do not have the sail you are looking for, you can order based on our standard measurements and your sail will arrive in 4-6 weeks.  Or if you want a completely custom sail, you are free to order this as well.