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Rolly Tasker North America

Code C - Size 9

Code C - Size 9

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The unique Code C sail developed by Rolly Tasker Sails is our universal cruising sail for all courses from about 65 degrees through 135 degrees. C stands for cruising. The Code Zero sail, made famous by Grand Prix racing yachts, is just that: A pure racing sail for power upwind and reaching.  The Rolly Tasker Sails Code C is not restricted by rating rules. The design is optimized for the best use for cruising sailors in a wide range of wind angles. 

Luff: 51.67' | Leech: 48.2' | Foot: 32.55' | Area: 980.0

Anti Torsion Line

Special Order - Allow 6-7 Weeks for Shipping

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- Optimized for wide range of wind angles from 65 to 135 degrees
- Built to our offshore level in Full Radial Design
- Standard sizes made in black-white-red star design
- Standard sizes built in off-season, keeping cost down
- Sail requires luff rope.
-- Sail can be pre-ordered with our Anti-Torsion Rope
-- or use the Anti-Torrsion Rope provided with your furler
- Custom color options available
- Custom Sizes available
- Contact us for custom options at


For Various

Luff: 51.67'

Leech: 48.2'

Foot: 32.55'

Mid-Grith: 21.24

Area: 980.0 Sq Ft

Material: 1.5 Ounce Nylon

Measuring Sails

Print the downloadable version of the measurement guide you need to organize your measurements. 

For custom sails,  follow all of the steps and be detailed and specific about your requirements including hardware and tack pin set back. For stock sails focus on the basics; dimensions, cloth weight, and luff types on headsails. Then perform a search by luff length leaving boat type “Unspecified”.  A close fit is good but an exact fit is not necessary.  Measure according to the instructions below and fill in the boxes. Please be conservative when ordering and allow a few inches for stretch or error. A little short is fine but too long can be a problem.


It is best to measure the sails on the boat.  If the sail is not available, you can also measure the rig of the boat.  Measuring sails that are not stretched to the proper tension will result in faulty measurements.  Please do not measure on the ground.  If you have any questions, please contact us at or 831-646-5346.


You will need to measure the Luff, Leech, Foot, Luff and Foot Attachments and Tack Pin Setback.  For complete measurement guide and direction click HERE.


You will need to measure the Luff, Leech, and Foot. You will also need to indicate whether you use hanks or luff tape to attach your sail to the forestay.  If you use luff tape, please indicate the size.  For complete measurement guide and direction click HERE.

Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Spinnakers:

You will need to measure the Spin-I, J and sheet attachment points. For complete measurement guide and direction click HERE.

Canvas and Accessories

You will need to measure your covers to insure proper coverage of your sails.  

Before you measure your sails, it is recommended that you give us a call and we can talk you through the process.  Please call at (831) 646-5346 or email at

Returns and Warranty

Thank You For Your Business

We appreciate your order and will try to uphold our end of the bargain by being prompt and accurate in delivering your product.


Ordering a sail solely by boat type is not a guarantee of fit.  We recommend that you measure you rig and compare the results with our published dimensions.  Many boat manufacturers have multiple versions of the same boat length.  Occasionally rigs will vary even on the same make and model of production boat Failing to measure does obligate you to a restocking fee.

We have a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return. See More Details


Warranty applies to all new stock sails and custom sails. Parts and labor are covered for 2 years from date of purchase for any necessary repairs due to failure or eminent failure under normal (non-extreme) use caused by faulty workmanship or components. See More Details


The published specifications of all new and used sails are guaranteed to be accurate including dimensions, features, hardware and condition. If you feel there has been any error made on any new or used stock sail that you have received from us, PLEASE DO NOT USE THE SAIL. Call us first to discuss the issue.  See More Details

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