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Rolly Tasker

Gale Sail - 16.0

Gale Sail - 16.0

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Rolly Tasker Gail sails are the safest and easiest way to hoist a storm jib in storm conditions. Luff designed to fit around your existing Furled Headsail so no need to take one sail down to put up a Storm Jib. Built to Offshore Specifications with triple stitching, webbing reinforcements, and extra heavy corner patches with leather.

Luff: 16.0' | Leech: 12.0' | Foot: 7.5' | Area: 60.0 Sq Ft

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  • Luff designed to fit around your existing Furled Headsail
  • Hoisted with Spinnaker Halyard, requires no additional equipment
  • Top end Premium Challenge Sailcloth Dacron
  • Strong cross-cut construction
  • Stainless steel cringles
  • Large corner reinforcing
  • UV stabilized thread throughout
  • Super strong finish with hand worked leather detailing
  • Available in White with Visibility Patch or Full Orange
  • 2-year Warranty

Technical Details

Luff: 7.5'

Leech: 12.0'

Foot: 7.5'

LP: '

Area: 60.0 Sq Ft

Material: 8.0 Ounce Dacron

Measuring Sails

Warranty and Returns

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