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Rolly Tasker

Storm Jib - 24.0

Storm Jib - 24.0

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Rolly Tasker Storm sails are built to Offshore Specifications with triple stitching, webbing reinforcements, and extra heavy corner patches with leather. Available in white with high visibility orange head patches or solid orange sails to comply with race rules. We stock storm jibs with hanks or #6 luff tape with ORC required grommets

Luff: 24.0' | Leech: 19.0' | Foot: 10.3' | Area: 100.0 Sq Ft

Luff Type
Item Number Color Luff Type Price Availability Cart
SJ24.00-HA-OR Orange Hanks $740.00 Available Add To Order
SJ24.00-LT-OR Orange #6 Luff Tape $740.00 Available Add To Order
SJ24.00-HA-WH White Hanks $615.00 Available Add To Order
SJ24.00-LT-WH White #6 Luff Tape $615.00 Available Add To Order


  • Top end Premium Challenge Sailcloth Dacron
  • Strong cross-cut construction
  • Stainless steel cringles
  • Large corner reinforcing
  • UV stabilized thread throughout
  • Super strong finish with hand worked leather detailing
  • Available with 3 luff types. 
    Hanks, Luff Tape with ORC Grommets and Gale Sail Style (fits over
    existing rolled headsail)
  • Available in White with Visibility Patch or Full Orange
  • 2-year Warranty

Technical Details

Luff: 10.3'

Leech: 19.0'

Foot: 10.3'

LP: '

Area: 100.0 Sq Ft

Material: 9.0 Ounce Dacron

Measuring Sails

Warranty and Returns

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